Xbox Series S

xbox series s repair

Xbox Series S Repair

Is your Xbox Series S gameplay being interrupted by a freezing screen, controller issues, or sudden shutdowns? Not to worry, our expert technicians at Gamers Warehouse can have it running smoothly again in no time. Our repair team is experienced in repairing Xbox Series S consoles so that you can get back to your favorite games.

Damage / Repair Cost
HDMI PORT $129.99
Disk Laser NA
Disk Driver NA
Cleaning $99.99
Cleaning/Fan $129.99
Other Issues $30.00 diag

**Cleaning 1-3 days depending on tech availability

Xbox Series S Service in Tucson

If your Xbox Series S isn’t working properly, hope is not lost. Instead of throwing away your entire system, bring it to us for diagnosis and repair. Our experienced technicians are the best in the area, so that you know that your console will be fixed correctly, quickly, and using high quality replacement parts. Don’t let someone who lacks experience try to fix your console, or you’ll just end up having to have more repairs done later. Come to us and know it was done right the first time.

Types of Xbox Series S Repairs

It’s normal for gaming consoles to need some maintenance and repairs once in a while. They are complex machines with a lot of components, and a single broken down or faulty component can affect the device’s function. Whatever your issue is, our repair staff has likely come across it before, and we know what to do. Even if you see the “red light of death,” we can bring your console back to life! Most of the time, this is an issue with the hard drive or main board. If you’re seeing error codes, the issue could be the central or graphics processor. We can also help with overheating, freezing, HDMI port issues, audio/visual issues, and more.

Xbox Series S Sales

In addition to expert repairs, we carry the latest gaming consoles in our store. If you’re deciding which console to buy, the Xbox Series S is a great choice. This digital, disc-free console comes pre-loaded with over 100 games packed into the smallest Xbox case ever built.

Visit the Gamers Warehouse

Our store is conveniently located inside the Tucson Mall. We are open every day, so come by anytime to see the gaming consoles we have in stock. If your Xbox Series S is in need of repair, give us a call at (520) 477-8822 to schedule a service appointment.