iPad mini 3 or iPad mini 4

ipad mini 3 repair tucson

iPad mini 3 Repair or iPad mini 4 Repair in Tucson

Even if you do your best to care for your iPad mini 3 or iPad mini 4, it is still possible for damage or a breakdown to occur. This is where Gamers Warehouse comes into the picture. We’re experienced in making repairs on a wide range of electronic devices, including iPads. When you need iPad mini 4 or iPad mini 3 repair in Tucson, you can always depend on us for fast and reliable repair services.

We keep many iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 4 parts in stock, which allows us to make repairs quickly. Whether you’re in need of a new screen or are looking for a replacement battery, you can count on our team to get the job done right.

We know that you don’t have time to sit around for days waiting for your device to be fixed. When you come to us for iPad mini 3 or iPad mini 4 repair, we can tell you what kind of timeline to expect. Sometimes, we can fix your device right away while you wait in the store. In other instances, we may need to keep it for up to three days. No matter what, you can count on us to get your device back to you as soon as possible.

Damage / RepairCost
iPad Mini 3 A1599$119.00
iPad Mini 3 A1600$119.00
iPad Mini 4 A1538$159.00
iPad Mini 4 A1550$159.00

Contact Gamers Warehouse

When you need reliable iPad repair services in Tucson, let the specialists at Gamers Warehouse assist you. We can fix your iPad or other electronic device, and restore it to the best possible condition. Our store is open seven days a week to serve you, so don’t hesitate to visit us today! If you have any questions for our team, you can get in touch with us at our Tucson Mall location by calling (520) 347-8627.

Gamers Warehouse Phone Repair Guarantee

Same Day Repairs

When your iPad Mini 3 or iPad Mini 4 breaks, you don’t want it fixed tomorrow. We know you need your phone now so we fix it now. Most phone repairs are completed in under an hour for your connivence – the Gamers Warehouse Way.

Low Price Guarantee

Repairing a phone will always be less expensive than completely replacing it. At Gamers Warehouse Phone Repair we take it a step further and pride ourselves on beating all local pricing. Call us today for a low price quote.

Superior Warranty

Stronger than any rock, brick or hammer you can throw at your phone, Gamers Warehouse offers a phone warranty no other provider can. Our phone repairs come with a 1 year commitment on OEM parts and the repair service.