Xbox Series X

xbox series x repair

Xbox Series X Repair

Don’t keep letting your gameplay be interrupted by freezing, video issues, or unexpected shutdowns. If your Xbox Series X is having issues, bring it to the experts at Gamers Warehouse for repair. Our technicians are experienced in gaming console repairs of all types, making us the best place in Tucson to go to for repair service. We can have your device repaired in a matter of days so that you don’t have to miss any more gameplay.

Damage / Repair Cost
HDMI PORT $259.99
Disk Laser $239.99
Disk Driver $259.99
Cleaning $199.99
Cleaning/Fan $239.99
Other Issues $30.00 diag

**Cleaning 1-3 days depending on tech availability

Why You Need an Expert to Repair Your Xbox Series X

If you take your Xbox Series X to a technician who doesn’t have the experience to fix them, you’ll likely end up having to bring it in for more repairs later. Bring it to us and know that it was done correctly the first time. We keep Xbox Series X parts in stock, so that you know only quality parts were used for replacements. This also gives us the ability to get your device fully functional very quickly, without having to order or wait for parts.

Common Xbox Series X repairs

Gaming consoles are complicated machines, and they have a lot of components that can fail. If your Xbox Series X isn’t functioning properly, don’t despair. We can diagnose and fix the problem, even if you have the “red light of death.” We can repair and replace the hard drive or processors, repair cable ports, and diagnose error codes. If the game is freezing or your device is overheating, bring it to us. We’ll have you playing again in no time.

Xbox Series X Sales

If you don’t have an Xbox Series X, but are thinking about getting one, we can help with that too. We have the latest gaming consoles in stock. If you’ve had an older model of Xbox and are ready to upgrade, the Series X is a great choice, since it is compatible with four generations of Xbox.

Contact the Gamers Warehouse

Find our store on the second floor of the Tucson Mall. Since we are open seven days a week, you can visit anytime to see the available gaming consoles we have in stock. Or you can give us a call at (520) 477-8822 to schedule a repair appointment for your Xbox Series X.