Google Phone Water Damage Repair

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Google Phone Water Damage Repair in Tucson

Nothing will ruin your day quite like dropping your Google phone in your dog’s water bowl or spilling your coffee all over your smartphone. Luckily, the experts at Gamers Warehouse can provide effective Google phone water damage repair in Tucson. Continue reading to learn more about Google phone water damage and the repair services we can provide.

Are Google phones water-resistant?

You might have heard that Google phones are water-resistant, or even waterproof. While some models of Google phones can withstand a certain amount of water exposure, this is not the case for all Google smartphones. The original Google Pixel model does not have any water-resistant properties. As such, if you have this model of phone and it is exposed to moisture, then you should bring it in for repairs right away. The Google Pixel 2 is water-resistant to an extent, and each subsequent model has improved resistance to water intrusion. When it comes to Google Nexus models, the Google Nexus 6 and later models were designed with water-resistance.

How can I tell if my Google phone has water damage?

If you are worried that your phone was exposed to water or another liquid and now has moisture damage, the first thing you should do is power it off. Then, you can check the phone’s liquid contact indicator. Open the SIM card slot and remove the SIM card. Next, shine a light into the slot and look for the liquid contact indicator. If the phone was not exposed to liquid, the indicator will be white with red Xs. If liquid did make its way into your phone, then the indicator will have turned red or pink.

What should I do if I need Google phone water damage repair in Tucson?

So, what should you do if you discover that your phone has been exposed to liquid and you now need Google phone water damage repair in Tucson ? Bring your phone to Gamers Warehouse as soon as possible. Our team can examine your Google phone to determine the extent of the water damage. Then, we’ll let you know what repairs are needed. To learn more, call (520) 347-8603 today.