Google Phone Charging Port Repair

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Google Phone Charging Port Repair in Tucson

One of the best features of Google phones is how easily they sync up with other tools you use in your everyday life, such as your Gmail account and calendar, Google Home device, and more. However, all of this convenience gets tossed out the window if your Google phone’s charging port stops working. The good news is that if the charging port won’t work, you don’t have to replace your phone. Instead, you can bring it to Gamers Warehouse for professional Google phone charging port repair in Tucson. Here’s a closer look at this repair service.

Signs of Google Phone Charging Port Issues

If you plug your phone’s charging cable into the port, and this action elicits no response from your phone at all, then the issue could be with either the cable or the port. Try using a different charging cable—if your phone still does not respond to the new charging cable, then this is a good sign that the charging port is broken. You may also notice that the phone recognizes the charging cable sometimes, but fails to begin charging at other times. It’s also possible that your phone recognizes the cable and begins charging, but that the battery power is recharged at a much slower rate than normal.

What to Do When Your Google Phone’s Charging Port Stops Working

Along with testing your phone’s charging port using a different cable, you can also try cleaning out the charging port to see if that will solve the issue. Turn your phone off, and get a bright light to look into the charging port. Next, use a small, soft-bristled brush to gently remove any lint or other debris that may have become lodged inside the charging port. After that, try plugging the charging cable into the port again. If the phone still does not begin charging, it’s time to schedule professional Google phone charging port repair in Tucson.

Where to Go for Google Phone Charging Port Repair in Tucson

Gamers Warehouse is Tucson’s go-to source for smartphone repairs, including Google phone charging port repair. We’re open seven days per week, and offer a 90-day warranty on our repairs. To find out more about our charging port repair services, call us at (520) 347-8603.