How Do I Delete an App on an iPhone?

The average iPhone model has a wealth of storage space. For most people, the storage space provided is plenty for all of their photos, videos, messages, apps, and other data. However, if you find that your iPhone is getting a bit cluttered, then you may want to delete some apps that you don’t need any longer. There is a simple way to delete an app on an iPhone. However, some people discover that their iPhone is malfunctioning and it isn’t deleting apps the way it should. If that is the case for you, all you need to do is visit Gamers Warehouse in the Tucson Mall for iPhone repair. Our expert technicians will fix your phone in a jiffy!

What to Do Before Deleting an App

Delete an app on an iPhone

Many apps require subscriptions. Before you delete a subscription-based app, you will need to cancel your subscription. Otherwise, you will continue to get charged for services you are no longer using. From the settings menu, simply tap on the button to “manage your subscriptions.” You should see a list of all of your subscriptions. From there, you can select the appropriate subscription and cancel it.

If you don’t see the appropriate subscription on the list, check your bank statement for the charge. If the charge isn’t attributed to Apple, iTunes, or another Apple property, then the subscription is from a third-party vendor. You will need to contact that vendor and follow their instructions for canceling your subscription.

How to Delete a Single App on an iPhone

Deleting an app is usually pretty easy, as long as your iPhone isn’t malfunctioning. All you have to do is lightly rest your finger on the app’s icon for about one second. A menu option will appear. Select the option to delete the app.

How to Delete Multiple Apps on an iPhone

If you would like to delete multiple apps at a time to free up more space on your iPhone, you can enter “jiggle mode.” Many users of late model iPhones mistakenly think that jiggle mode was done away with. In fact, it’s still there. It just might require a little bit more patience to access.

Select any app from your home screen—it doesn’t matter which one. Press and hold down the icon for about two seconds. You should see the icons start to jiggle. Then, an “X” will appear on the upper left-hand corner of each app icon. Tap on the “X” of each app that you would like to delete. Then, if your model of iPhone has a home button, press that button. Otherwise, you should see a “done” option on the screen. Select “done.”

How to Delete an App, But Not Its Data

Let’s say you want to clear up some more storage space on your device and have decided to delete an app. However, you think you might want to download the app again later and don’t want to have to reconfigure all of your settings or reacquire all of your data for the app. There is a simple way to delete the app, but keep all data pertaining to the app. You will still clear up some storage space on your iPhone. Plus, you will be able to download the app again at any point and continue using it just as if you had never deleted it.

First, go to the “settings” menu. Select the “general” option. Then, select the “iPhone storage” option. This should bring up a list of all of the apps you currently have on your iPhone. You can tap on any one of these apps. This allows you to see how much storage the app is taking up. You should also see two separate delete options.

The first option, “delete app,” will delete the app plus all of its associated data. Do not select that option if you want to save your data. Instead, select the second option to “offload app.”

You can also let your iPhone choose the apps it will offload. This is handy if you want to download new apps in a hurry, but don’t have enough space. Go to the “settings” menu and select the “general” option. Then, select the option for “iPhone storage.” Look for the feature to “offload unused apps.” Selecting that button will allow your iPhone to offload any apps that you haven’t used in a while. Your data associated with those apps will still be saved.

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