Where Should I Repair My iPhone in Tucson?

So you’ve got a cracked iPhone screen and you are having trouble reading your emails on it. Or perhaps you dropped your iPhone in the sink and it’s showing signs of water damage. You definitely need to bring it in for professional repairs, but where is the best place to get iPhone repairs in Tucson? If you ask your friends or family for recommendations, there is a good chance they will send you over to us. Gamers Warehouse offers expert iPhone repair in Tucson from our location on the upper level of the Tucson Mall.

Choose an iPhone repair shop with highly trained technicians.

You might have heard that your brother’s friend’s uncle once repaired his own iPhone screen, water damage, or failed battery. You might be tempted to ask if he would be willing to fix your phone too. But the problem with relying on friends or family for iPhone repairs is that they are probably not trained technicians. You just can’t trust the quality of the repairs unless they are performed by a highly trained expert.

Instead, visit the experts at Gamers Warehouse and entrust your iPhone to the hands of highly trained technicians. We’ve been providing trusted services to the Tucson area since 2012. Not only do we have the right knowledge, but we also have the right tools. Our extensive supply of in-stock parts means you won’t have to wait for a long time to get your iPhone back.

Choose a repair shop with competitive prices.

No one wants to pay more for smartphone repairs than they really need to. When you choose Gamers Warehouse for your iPhone repairs in Tucson, you can expect budget-friendly pricing that does not sacrifice quality of service. We are so confident in our transparent prices that we will beat any competitor’s prices. Check out these estimates:

  • $79 – iPhone 7
  • $89 – iPhone 7 Plus
  • $79 – iPhone 8
  • $89 – iPhone 8 Plus

To make it even easier for you to pay for your iPhone repairs, Gamers Warehouse is pleased to announce that we now accept CATCa$h! CATCa$h is a safe and convenient method of paying for products and services at off-campus locations. If you are a student at the University of Arizona, all you need to do is swipe your CATCa$h debit card to pay for iPhone repairs safely.

Choose an iPhone repair shop that offers fast turnaround times.

If you are like many people these days, you’ve essentially got your whole life in your iPhone. Your smartphone is how you stay in touch with family and friends, connect with your colleagues on work-related projects, keep abreast of social media, and keep track of your schedule—not to mention order the occasional pizza. It is difficult for many people to go without their smartphones for any length of time, let alone days on end. If you send your iPhone away to Apple for repairs, it could take up to nine days before you get it back. For most consumers, that’s an unacceptable timetable.

Instead, you can head over to Gamers Warehouse. Not only do we provide high-quality iPhone repair in Tucson from our trusted technicians, but we can often perform repairs on the same day. This means you won’t even have to go a full day without your iPhone!

Choose a repair shop with a workmanship guarantee.

You should never entrust your expensive iPhone to a repair shop that does not offer a workmanship guarantee or warranty. If the repair shop will not stand behind the quality of its work, then you will be unable to trust that the technician has actually fixed the problem and that the repairs will last. Here at Gamers Warehouse, we fully stand by the quality of our repairs and the expertise of our highly trained technicians. That is why we are proud to offer a full 90-day guarantee on our repair work. If you are not happy with the quality of our repairs, just let us know within 90 days for a full refund.

Choose an iPhone repair shop that offers house calls.

It’s been many years since doctors were expected to make house calls on patients. However, you can book a house call for your broken iPhone! Gamers Warehouse offers mobile service for iPhone repairs. If you have a cracked iPhone screen, water damage, or any other type of damage to your iPhone, just give us a call. We are conveniently located in the Tucson Mall. However, if you are unable to come to us, we will come to you! Our house calls are available by appointment only, so please call promptly to schedule.

If you love getting high-quality service and a craftsmanship guarantee for your iPhone repairs, you will definitely want to head over to Gamers Warehouse. Our customers keep coming back to us not only because of our competitively low prices, but also because of our firm commitment to customer service and high-quality, reliable work. You can drop by our shop for iPhone repair in Tucson seven days per week or give us a call at (520) 477-8822 to request more information.