Can an iPhone Charging Port Be Repaired?

It’s a common problem: You plug your iPhone into its charger and wait a few hours, only to discover that it hasn’t gotten much of a charge or any charge at all. Charging ports can definitely sustain damage, especially if you’ve been using the same phone for a few years. The wear and tear caused by repeatedly plugging in and unplugging the phone can result in damage over time. This damage will cause the iPhone to fail to charge properly. The good news is that a damaged iPhone charging port can indeed be repaired. All you have to do is bring it in to Gamers Warehouse in the Tucson Mall.

Why You Shouldn’t Replace Your Battery

Many people assume that if an iPhone isn’t holding a charge, the problem must be the battery. Actually, replacing the battery will likely do nothing to solve the problem. Instead, the problem is likely caused by the charging port.

How to Inspect Your Charging Port

Turn on a strong flashlight and aim it at the charging port. Can you see anything inside the charging port that would cause a poor connection between the port and the charger? Some common culprits include lint, dust, and grime. If the charging port appears dirty, you could try to clean it out yourself.

However, you must be very careful—it’s possible to do more harm than good. The only item you should use to clean out a charging port is an anti-static brush. Any other type of cleaning device could introduce an electric charge to your phone, and this can be quite harmful. Gently wipe away the grime or lint from the connectors with the anti-static brush, and then see if your iPhone is able to acquire a charge.

Note that you should never attempt to clean out a charging port by blowing air into it. The air from your own mouth is hot and damp, and this can cause additional problems for the sensitive contact points.

What to Do If Your iPhone Is Still Not Charging

If you cleaned out the charging port with an anti-static brush and your iPhone is still not able to acquire a charge, the next thing to check is the lightning cable. The lightning cable is what Apple calls the charging cable. Use your flashlight to closely inspect both ends of the lightning cable. Do you see any worn-out or frayed components? If so, it’s possible your charging port isn’t the problem. The solution may be to replace the charging cable.

Another thing to try is to use a friend’s lightning cable. Plug it into your iPhone to see if you can get a charge. If so, then the cable is definitely the problem. If not, then you likely need to bring your iPhone to a repair shop for a charging port repair.

How to Prevent Future Charging Port Damage

Gamers Warehouse makes it easy, convenient, and affordable to get your iPhone fixed quickly. However, you certainly don’t want your phone getting damaged in preventable ways. There are a few steps you can take to reduce the risk that you will have to deal with a malfunctioning iPhone charging port in the future.

First, always be gentle when plugging in and removing the plug. Try not to simply yank the iPhone off the charging cable or ram the plug inside. Doing so will definitely cause damage over time, and you’ll end up needing to get the charging port repaired again.

Second, try to minimize the physical damage caused by dropping your iPhone. It’s common knowledge that a dropped iPhone will likely develop a cracked screen. However, dropping your phone can also damage other sensitive components, including the charging port. The trauma from the impact on the floor can cause the components inside the charging port to loosen up, which can cause the phone to fail to acquire a charge. Do your best to keep a firm grip on your iPhone and avoid letting your kids play with it. You should also invest in a sturdy iPhone case. Smartphone cases are inexpensive and quite durable, and will help you avoid future repairs.

Where to Go for Charging Port Repair in Tucson

Gamers Warehouse leads the way in affordable, fast, and reliable iPhone repairs in Tucson. Our experienced technicians can repair your iPhone charging port if your phone isn’t holding a charge properly. We can also perform all other types of iPhone repairs, including screen replacement and water damage repair! Most repairs can be performed while you wait, and we back our work with our 90-day warranty. Stop by the second floor in the Tucson mall seven days per week or give us a call at (520) 347-8603 if you would like to schedule an appointment.