Preventing the Need for Samsung Phone Repair

When you have a Samsung phone, you probably want to do everything you can to keep it in top condition. While it’s not always possible to avoid the need for Samsung phone repairs, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of damage and keep your phone in good condition. If the worst does happen, be sure to choose your Samsung phone repair provider carefully. After all, not all smartphone repair shops are created equal, and inexperienced techs can do more harm than good. To keep your phone in good shape, follow these tips:

Use a Phone Case and a Screen Protector

Every smartphone user has used their device while waiting for a new screen cover to come in the mail or put off purchasing a new case after damaging the old one. Even when you’re careful, going without a screen protector or phone case is a risky game to play with any kind of smartphone. Why do repair shops see so many customers in need of Samsung phone repairs? Because it’s so easy to drop your device and crack the screen. The screen or the outside body of your phone can even be damaged in your purse, pocket, or hand. That’s why you should never use the device without a strong case and a screen protector.

Keep Your Samsung Phone Charged—But Don’t Overcharge It

Every smartphone user knows the panic that ensues when the low battery warning comes on. They also know what it’s like to plug their phone in before bed so that it can charge overnight. As it turns out, both of these situations could be hurting your phone. Letting your battery drain completely more than once a month can affect the life of your battery and cause it to wear out faster. Similarly, charging your phone when it has already reached 100%—such as when you charge it overnight—can also damage your battery. Although your phone should block further charging once it reaches 100%, there is still evidence that overcharging is bad for your battery lifespan.

Protect Your Phone from High Temperatures

Temperature is always a concern with smartphones in Tucson. Although both hot and cold temperature extremes can cause issues for smartphones, hot temperatures can be particularly problematic. You can’t stop using your phone just because it’s hot outside, but you can do things to minimize the heat’s impact. Don’t leave your phone sitting on your car’s dash or anywhere else where direct sunlight will hit it. When you’re sitting outside, keep your phone in your bag or underneath your other items so that it has some shade. When you’re cooking, keep your phone away from the stove. The more you can minimize exposure to heat, the better you will protect your phone from damage.

Let a Wet Phone Dry Naturally

Did you spill water on your phone, or drop it in the bathtub? Don’t panic: An experienced Samsung phone repair technician can almost always restore it to normal. However, some people take steps after getting their phones wet that actually cause more damage. Never attempt to dry your phone with a hairdryer, as the hot air could damage your device. Putting your phone in rice is unlikely to damage your device, but it’s also unlikely to do much good. Instead, remove the battery as soon as possible and let your phone dry out until you can have it repaired.

If you’re dealing with a Samsung smartphone disaster, Gamers Warehouse is here to help. Our experienced technicians are adept at even complex Samsung phone repairs and can get your device back to normal. If you’ve damaged your smartphone, visit our storefront in the Tucson Mall to see if we can help. You can learn more about our Samsung phone repairs by calling (520) 347-8627.