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How to Select the Right Smartphone for You

There are more smartphone choices today than ever before. While it’s great that people can pick out exactly what they want, the dozens upon dozens of options can be a little overwhelming at times. As a result, it’s common to choose a phone based on its cost alone. You’ll definitely need to get something within your budget, but remember that you can often subsidize your phone when you purchase it with a phone carrier contract. Do read the fine print before you sign, as you may be committed to sticking with that carrier for a period of time. You should also be sure to have the number of a reliable smartphone repair provider on hand before you buy. Here are a few more tips to help you pick the right smartphone:

Select the ideal operating system for you.

Along with choosing a carrier, selecting an operating system is the most fundamental decision to make when shopping for a new smartphone.

  • iOS: iPhones utilize iOS. These phones are typically the priciest, yet offer great security. Get an iPhone if ease of use matters most to you. They integrate with other Apple products, but do not integrate well with non-Apple products. This may be problematic for you if you like to use a lot of non-Apple technology. However, iOS does win out over Android when it comes to getting new software updates and security patches.
  • Android: These smartphones are available at a wide range of price points, styles, and features. People who choose Androids often do so because it’s easy to use any app and plug the phone into any peripheral, since all Android devices have standard USB ports.

Choose a screen size.

A phone’s screen size is measured diagonally from corner to corner. Some people prefer smaller screens because they fit well into the hand or in a pocket. Plus, they’re available at lower price points. However, if you like to watch videos or play games on your smartphone, you may want to shell out more money for a larger screen. If you’ve decided to go with an iPhone, look for the “Plus” series for a larger screen size or the “SE” for a compact size. Android phones are available in a range of sizes. The smaller ones include the Moto G and Galaxy S Mini, and the larger ones include the Galaxy Note and Nexus 6P.

Check out the camera options.

The quality of the camera is a major selling point for smartphones. These days, virtually any smartphone can take a pretty good picture. However, if you place a high priority on picture quality, you’ll want to look out for these specs:

  • Bright aperture: The wider the lens aperture is, the better the image quality will be.
  • Megapixels: Anything between 12 and 21 megapixels will take a great picture.
  • Optical image stabilization: This is a great feature to have because it eliminates the effect of shaking hands on picture quality.
  • RAW: This is a file type that allows you to have more control over how your image looks. For example, you can tweak the exposure and white balance.

Consider scheduling a smartphone repair appointment.

You’ve finally chosen the perfect model and you’re ready to whip out your credit card. Not so fast! If you have your heart set on getting the latest model, check for any upcoming launch dates. If the phone is nearly a year old already, it’ll likely be replaced soon by a new model. Typically, new iPhone models come out in September. Pixel by Google is usually released shortly thereafter. Other manufacturers tend to release their latest merchandise in March. It may be worth hanging on to your old phone for a while to get the very latest version of your dream phone. You can schedule a smartphone repair appointment if you need to make your old one last a bit longer.

After you choose the perfect smartphone for your needs and lifestyle, you’ll want to keep it in tip-top shape. If it develops performance problems or experiences damage, such as a cracked screen, Gamers Warehouse can help. We’re Tucson’s go-to source for fast and reliable smartphone repair services. Call us at (520) 347-8603 or stop by our convenient location on the second floor of the Tucson Mall.