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How to Maintain Your Smartphone’s Speed and Performance

Whether you have the latest model from your favorite smartphone brand or are sticking with a phone you’ve had for years, you’ll want to ensure that your phone’s operations are always performed quickly and correctly. After all, having a slow or malfunctioning smartphone can make it difficult to utilize essential features like GPS, workplace communication apps, and your phone’s camera. Make sure you know where to go for cell phone repair Tucson residents trust. Then, consider the following tips for maintaining your smartphone’s speed and performance.

Keep the OS Up to Date

The operating system, or OS, is one of the most influential factors in your smartphone’s performance. Whether your phone utilizes Android, iOS, or another type of operating system, it’s important to make sure that your system is always up to date. Otherwise, you could soon find yourself experiencing problems with app performance, operating speed, and more. To see if your phone’s OS needs to be updated, go to the Settings panel, and check the system settings. Be sure to connect to Wi-Fi when you want to update your smartphone’s OS, rather than using mobile data.

Delete Cached Data and Outdated Messages

When you use the different apps on your phone, they often store—or cache—small amounts of data. Over time, this cached data can definitely add up, impacting your phone’s storage space and operating capabilities. To keep your phone running as it should, clear out the cached data every month or so. You should find the option to clear this data in the storage section of your smartphone’s settings. In addition to clearing cached data, you may also want to delete old text messages. Most modern smartphones have an option to do this automatically, either every 30 days or as your phone’s storage gets low.

Stop Animations

Animations may make your cell phone more entertaining to use, but it can also slow down your phone significantly. If you have an Android phone, you can disable animations by going to the About section of your phone’s settings, and then pressing “Build number” several times. This will enable developer options. If you then navigate to the developer section of the phone’s settings, you can turn off the different types of animations on your phone. With an iPhone, you should visit the Accessibility section of your phone’s settings. After that, choose the setting to reduce motion. No matter which type of phone you have, you should also be sure to avoid using a “live background” if you want to keep your phone running fast.

Check the Background App Activity

Many smartphone users are surprised to learn that when they navigate back to their home screen from an app, the app may continue to perform activities in the background. This can slow down your phone’s performance, quickly causing you unnecessary frustration. If you have an iPhone, you’ll want to turn off Background App Refresh for any apps that you don’t want performing background activity. With Android phones, you’ll want to go to the Data Usage area. After that, select the option to Restrict Background Data.

Schedule Prompt Cell Phone Repair Tucson Trusts

Of course, if your phone experiences physical damage or other issues that affect its performance, it’s best to schedule professional repairs. Don’t delay getting repairs for your phone when it begins to slow down or encounters other performance problems. After all, these sorts of issues typically get worse with time. Instead, bring your smartphone to Gamers Warehouse—the provider of cell phone repair Tucson residents rely on. No matter what type of smartphone you own, we’ll be happy to evaluate the problem, recommend a solution, and provide prompt cell phone repairs.

Don’t let a slow phone frustrate you any longer. Come to Gamers Warehouse for cell phone repair Tucson trusts. We can fix a range of smartphone issues, including malfunctioning cameras, cracked screens, and slow performance. If your cell phone is beyond repair, don’t despair! We also have a wide range of refurbished smartphones available for purchase at unbeatable prices. Stop by our store in the Tucson Mall or call (520) 347-8506 to schedule cell phone repair in Tucson.