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The Dilemma Of Buying a New Phone Vs iPhone Screen Repair Service in Tucson

Should you get iPhone screen repair service in Tucson or a new phone? This decision turns out to be daunting for many iPhone owners. After all, Apple’s launching new phones with iOS 13 and a number of tweaks here and there in its code. Plus, the latest Samsung phones are coming with all new screen designs. These have been made possible by Samsung ditching bezels in favor of a punch-hole camera.

It seems the market is loaded with new gadgets with the latest technology. But, does that mean you should start looking for a new phone? Well, even if your current handset has some problems, such as scratches, weak battery life, or screen damage, replacing the phone might not be a good idea. 

Here are some good pointers that will help to you decide between repairing or replacing your smartphone.

Are You Due For An Upgrade?

Make sure you do your calculations right. After all, buying a phone now means you are on payment mode⁠—usually for a minimum of 24 months. So, if the repair costs seem cheaper than springing for a new phone, going for iPhone screen repair service in Tucson will be a better option. 

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Do You Really Need An Upgrade?

If your phone is otherwise perfectly functional, then repairing a cracked screen is often the best choice.  If you are looking to get a replacement for a phone that still functions, you may merely be tempted with the looks and the features that the new phone offers. 

Keep in mind that it’s generally not a good idea to recklessly invest in something that is not required as of now. So, it is best to resist the urge to buy a new phone. Try picking a new case instead of buying a new phone haphazardly

In this case, opting for iPhone screen repair service in Tucson is definitely the best idea for now. 

Are You Facing Any Other Issues?

When deciding between iPhone screen repair and buying a new phone, consider the following:

  • Is your phone experiencing problems other than just the screen damage?
  • Is your phone unable to hold on to a charge? 
  • Have you run out of storage?

These are some of problems that might annoy you every time you are facing them. But, there are some solutions to these issues as well. 

You can either go for a battery replacement if the battery is the issue. For storage problems, you can opt for Google photos for the backup and delete the photos from your phone instead. Move stuff that you don’t need on a daily basis. Don’t let such petty issues make you go for another big investment in the form of a new phone. 

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Consider for an Upgrade Under Only 2 Circumstances

  • When your phone is old: If you’ve been hanging onto this phone for four to five years, it may be time to get a replacement. After all, a lot changes in a year or two. So, buying a new phone at such time will be beneficial. 
  • When the phone has lost all hope of effective repairs: If your phone has extensive damage, repairing it may not be a suitable option. In this case, your iPhone repair specialist may recommend getting a new phone instead of trying to repair the damage.

For iPhone screen repair service in Tucson, come to Gamers Warehouse. We can evaluate the issue and let you know whether repairing your phone is a feasible plan. If you decide to replace it instead, be sure to browse our selection of refurbished smartphones.